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【外師專欄】童年回憶:Teacher Mbali
When I reflect on my childhood memories, l just melted, even though I was raised by a single parent, l enjoyed every single moment of it, thanks to my independent, loving, caring, and God-fearing mother.
As a child l was very curious, adventurous, and loving. I grew up in the township living in a big loving, and caring Christian family. Growing up Sunday was a very special day because it was regarded as a family day, where the whole family comes together and enjoys a mouth-watering lunch prepared by my mom. During those Sundays, after lunch, I used to spend time with my siblings and friends outside trying to discover new things or study. I used to do a lot of studies so one-day l could have a brighter future, be a knowledgeable person and be able to travel around the world.
Those were the best days of my life!!!
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