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【外師專欄】童年回憶:Teacher Yusuf


I was walking in the park not so long ago and saw some children playing soccer. Sweat running down their heads, huffing ad puffing. Running and screaming at the top of the voices for the ball. They were having a wonderful time. I looked at them with the eyes of an older person. Suddenly, I smiled. As all my childhood memories rushed to my head. I felt happy.
As a young boy I had a few close friends. We had no electronic gadgets, cellphones, video games, computers and TV. Many of the new inventions were still not even imagined. Yet, we played and had so much fun. Soccer was a sport for all to play. All you needed was a ball and a few friends.
We spent many hours in the park playing soccer. The park was next to our school. It was dusty with patches of little grass. Daily we met in the park. The challenge was to see how many games you could win in a week. On the weekend was the final game, the winning team would win a prize. Everyone one wanted to win the prize. The prize was a packet of fish & chips and cola.

The park also had a big slide that was scary to climb. It even had a few swings and a large roundabout. The roundabout was painted in bright red, yellow, blue and green. The slide was a shiny silver and the swings were in blue and green.
When we didn’t play soccer we played on the slide, swings and roundabout. Some days we sat and shared stories and bought some candies to eat. So, my best childhood memories are the ones that I shared with my friends.
Looking at the kids playing in the park, reminded me how lucky I was.

(圖片摘自The New York Times)