外師專欄FET Special Columns
【外師專欄】精彩教學回顧:By Teacher Jinky
This lesson was based on Follow me 7 Textbook, Grade 6 (Culture Spots - pages 81-94). Mainly, it was a speaking class and writing where the students needed to say the words in English. In order to help students’ progress, using a map and globe were very effective so that they could understand the concept gradually.
To my perspective, educational technologies helped students to promote the language learning in English such as tablet, computer and so on. These devices allowed students to be felt motivated since they were opted to accomplish the task in the class and the fact that not all of them were good at naming the seven continents and some countries. Thus, the learners have seen the great opportunity to speak where these countries situated in.
Indeed, this activity was an interactive as they were trying to talk more about the different countries using their prior knowledge and then some of them were very inquisitive to ask more the famous landmarks in some countries.
All in all, the class finished by answering their worksheet and after this, the students shared to the class about one famous place and landmark they would like to travel and gave their reason why they have chosen it. As a result, assessment helped me to achieve the objective of my lesson. However, all the activities were probably sensible because of the time constraint.