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【精彩教學回顧】 by Teacher Harley

【精彩教學回顧】 by Teacher Harley


It’s Spooky Season at Chishin Junior High!


台灣不像許多國家有慶祝萬聖節的習慣,但今年啟新國中舉辦了萬聖節的活動,學生們都非常地興奮,紛紛換上各式可怕的亦或是有趣的萬聖節裝扮。 同時孩子們必須要說:「Trick or treat! Happy Halloween!」才能獲得糖果! 瞧一瞧Harley老師如何利用舉辦萬聖節活動的機會,提供學生們有趣的英語學習情境,激發開口說英語的動機吧!

Taiwan doesn’t celebrate Halloween as many other countries do, but our school had its own Halloween celebration this year. Students dressed up as scary (or rather, funny) characters. Students were told that they would be given candy if they went up to a teacher and said “Trick or treat! Happy Halloween!”. Our students were very enthusiastic about the event and everybody had a blast while walking around the school grounds looking like they fought in the middle of a Watsons’ cosmetic section because of their wild makeup!

As a little surprise, I added short but scary videos to the start of my English class’ presentation and gave the students a little scare. Most of them were caught off guard and couldn’t help but scream. While some of the tougher students said they wanted something scarier, I saw them flinch too. If these little surprises didn’t wake them up and prepare them for class, then I don’t know what will! It was a day enjoyed by all.